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A guide for mentoring, counseling and coaching.

Through the accessible and empowering approach of Pass It On, Roy Smith, a therapist for nearly 40 years and founder of Pennsylvania Counseling Services and LiveUp Resources, provides the tools you need to lead others toward God’s amazing plan for their lives.

Everyone is a mentor, no matter your specific role or title, but it isn’t always easy to know how to mentor effectively. Pass It On outlines the processes and structures foundational to any type of mentoring relationship—and how to implement them. It begins by guiding you through the issues you must confront and work through on your own before taking on a formal mentoring role. It then examines the process of mentorship and how you can ease both yourself and your mentee into this life-changing relationship. Finally, it discusses the specific topics every effective mentorship must cover, such as resolving past pain, building a Godly identity, setting and accomplishing goals, and developing a healthy support system.

Whether you’re a coach, teacher, church leader, boss, counselor, parent, sibling or another form of a leader, Pass It On will teach you to:

  • Develop yourself as a mentor
  • Examine and resolve your past pain
  • Build a strong identity structure
  • Connect with your mentee and build intimacy
  • Build trust with your mentee
  • Guide your mentee effectively by:
    • Going at their pace
    • Asking good questions
    • Teaching them to rely on God
    • Connecting their experiences to God’s Word
    • Showing them how to build their identity on His truth

Mentoring isn’t just a gift to your mentee. As you teach them, you will also grow as you learn how to approach conflict, feel empathy for others and address your own sins and challenges. With the help of Pass It On, you will gain confidence as a mentor, tap in to your full potential and, ultimately, express God’s love to everyone you meet.

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