The Campfire Gang Books #1-5

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Special Christmas offer!

Get the first FIVE books in The Campfire Gang series for only $59

Offer ends 12/31/2018

This bundle includes:

  • Book #1: The Adventure Begins
  • Book #2: Battles Fought, Lessons Learned
  • Book #3: Through the Valley
  • Book #4: Going Beyond
  • Book #5: Picking Up the Pieces

The campfire gang loves to listen to the old man’s stories. But one night they realize something strange about him. After that, they find themselves in a world full of excitement, adventure, strange creatures and new friends.

Through a fun, exciting story line, this series teaches young and old alike. Readers will become familiar with God and the Bible while learning about topics like leadership, emotions, life challenges, teamwork and more!

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