Year 1 - Squire - 24-Lesson DVD Album

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This 24-lesson DVD series provides a fresh perspective on manhood. Through the use of a knighthood metaphor, Squire calls men to nobility in their thoughts and actions, and challenges them to achieve their potential in every area of their lives. This is the first volume of our 5-year series, The Heroic Man’s Journey

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The DVD Package includes:

--24 studio quality DVD lessons and a 15 minute intro for leaders for each lesson
(Average lesson length: 35 minutes)

--1 Squire Workbook
The Squire Workbook encourages Men to take notes during each weekly lesson using fill-in-the-blanks. The workbook is also full of very helpful tools, including:
-Campfire Discussion Questions
-Manhood Resources with suggested books for future reading
-A list of our Manhood Principles
-Definitions for the new Manhood language
-The Workbook Answer Key
-Biblical text insert
-Instructions to write a Knighthood plan.

--1 CD containing Leadership Resources:
The Leadership CD contains PDF documents that include:
-The Squire Workbook Answer Key
-24 Extended Explanations of each Lesson for Leaders
-A Lesson Guide for holding a successful 24 week Knights Program.

At the end of each weekly Trail (lesson) we recommend the men be broken into small groups, which we call Campfires. We have included the following resources to help leaders develop effective Campfires.

The included materials are enough for ten guys, additional Campfire materials can be purchased separately.

--1 Campfire Leadership Guide:
The Campfire Leadership Guide outlines the concepts a leader should utilize to assist him in facilitating effective Campfire discussions after each weekly lesson.

--10 Campfire Brochures:
The Campfire Brochure serves as a useful guide for each campfire member. It provides helpful information on how to be the best possible Campfire member as well as Campfire goals and rules for profitable interaction.

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