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Volume 1

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Manhood Journey
NEW DVD study program for men

When men commit to following God and join together with other like-minded, motivated men, they can create a powerful force for good in our world. As God-inspired agents for change, they are empowered to conquer the challenges that confront them!

With a team of men from diverse backgrounds, cultures and ages, Manhood Journey reinforces the need for strong relationships among men. Through a discussion-based teaching style, our team considers scripture passages and looks to Biblical examples with the goal of growing in Christ and fulfilling their greatest potential.

Created by Knights of the 21st Century, Manhood Journey Volume 1 includes 26 sessions—approximately 32 minutes per session. (Volume 2 will be released in 2017.)

This Volume covers topics such as:

•    How to control our self-destructive, immature impulses
•    How to build supportive relationships
•    How to strengthen our spiritual walk
•    How we can become better husbands, fathers and leaders
•    How men of God deal with sexual temptation and pornography
•    How to set and achieve positive manhood goals

Gather your manhood team and join us as we learn to use God’s Word to guide us toward becoming the Godly men He created us to be.

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