The men in your group have grown so much. Make sure your church honors their time and commitment. A graduation ceremony is an important aspect of a successful men’s group, and you should ensure that adequate time and funds are set aside for this celebration.

Take a look at how other knights celebrate their graduations in our K21 photo gallery:


7:30 | Dr. Roy Smith (author & founder of K21) and Clair Hoover discuss the importance of a graduation ceremony and its role in solidifying a man’s commitment to his journey toward manhood. They also share some tips and ideas about how to organize your graduation celebration.

It’s important to give men a visual representation of their accomplishments. We offer 8 different colors of dog tags as well as certificates to distribute during the graduation ceremony. Click the button below to view or purchase these materials for your men.

In our DVD series The Heroic Man’s Journey we encourage each man to complete what we call a Knighthood Plan. This plan helps men create specific goals and stick to their commitment to achieving them. Click the button above to view or print your own Knighthood Plan.

These slides have been used at Knights graduations in the past. Use them as a template for your own graduation ceremony.

Many Knights groups have all the men stand during graduation and read the Code of Honor together. Click the button above to access our Knight’s Code of Honor.

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Video Resources

Sacred Commitments

5:50 | This video is meant to be played at a K21 graduation ceremony. Keith Walker (K21 presenter) and Dr. Roy Smith give a basic overview of the Knights program and challenge each participant to verbally commit to following through on their manhood promises.

You can also download the Sacred Commitments transcript to use as a script for your graduation ceremony.

Calling Men to Action

0:33 | Inspire your newly graduated men to continue their manhood journey and “let it be done for God!”

Finding Your Dream

4:50 | Dr. Roy Smith discusses a man’s dream for adventure. Encourage your men to listen to their drive for action and adventure, even after graduation comes and goes.

Graduation Videos

Knights Graduation

1:09:05 | Watch a K21 group from Missouri solidify their manhood commitment in a touching graduation ceremony.

A Graduation Observed

44:30 | This K21 group used a knighting ceremony to represent their manhood status. This video can help you experience the many elements that make a successful graduation possible.

VWC Real Men’s Ministry K21 Graduation

2:44 | Watch as each man gets knighted and accepts the responsibility of becoming God’s hero.

Lebanon Valley Knights (1)

1:05 | A father accepts the honor of knighting his son at a K21 graduation ceremony.

Lebanon Valley Knights (2)

0:30 | Bagpipes sound in the background of this Celtic knighting ceremony.