If you’re interested in digging deeper into men’s group dynamics, we recommend the following documents, books and articles. These resources analyze various aspects of how men’s groups function, what works and what doesn’t, and how to guide your men to have the most beneficial group experience possible.

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Before starting a men’s group, leaders often worry ‘how can we afford it?’ This spreadsheet provides a good idea of the cost involved in setting up and running a Knights Chapter so you can prepare for costs ahead of time.

It’s helpful to have a timeline when you’ll complete the various steps toward getting your team ready to launch a successful Knights group. We recommend deadlines for each step, but feel free to speed up those deadlines if you want—it’s better to launch sooner rather than later. This spreadsheet serves as a reminder of the important elements of any Knights gathering.

This spreadsheet lists the topics of each Trail in all five years of The Heroic Man’s Journey (see the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet for Years 2-5). You can use this resource to help you plan ahead of time for the topics that are going to be dealt with in each lesson—the hosting theme for each week should be consistent with that particular topic.