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Eagle Attacks Ram

1:54 | A knight never stops battling with all of his energy and with God’s power when his shadow won’t get off his back!

Mongoose and Black Mamba Fight to the Death

2:33 | As spiritual warriors, Knights have to learn when and how to fight.

Manhood Principle #3 Change

5:14 | You never know what the forest is going to throw at you!

Manhood Principle #5 Courage

3:31 |The forest can be dangerous.  Men of God face it courageously with God’s help.

5 Biggest Tsunamis

10:00 | A countdown of the five most destructive tsunamis caught on camera.

5 Shocking Natural Disasters

4:40 | You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen trees swallowed by a swamp.

4 Unbelievable Natural Disasters

4:10 | A volcanic ash avalanche, tsunami, close-up destructive tornado and massive earthquake caught on film.


Ball Girl’s Amazing Catch

0:40 | You won’t believe this wall-climbing catch by a humble ball girl.

Greatest Catches in MLB

8:00 | The ball girl video sets a pretty high standard, but these MLB baseball catches are more than impressive.

Unexpected MLB Tricks

6:50 | Manhood Principle #5 says, “Men do whatever it takes.” …and sometimes it might take a little good-spirited trickery to win the ball game.


Most Insane Cliff Jumps of All Time

3:59 | Men are Amazing and of Infinite Worth

Pool of Death

3:19 | Males take foolish risks.  Men of God know when it is necessary to take risks!

Most Dangerous Job in the World

3:31 | No one ever said pursuing manhood would be safe…

Cliff Slip & Slide

3:59 | Men are Amazing and of Infinite Worth