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Jeff Gordon Test Drive

3:45 | Jeff Gordon test drives a Camero and give a salesman a wild ride.

German Waterbed

3:40 | Some innocent customers testing out a waterbed are in for a surprise…


Baby Elephant Throwing a Tantrum

1:34 |Principle of Manhood 15:  Submission—both young and old Knights have to learn to follow!

Tim Conoway: “The Dentist”

7:40 | A humorous skit about a man with a toothache and his not-so-competent dentist.

Tim Conoway: “A Dog’s Life Sketch”

11:55 | Strange things can happen when you get a shot intended for a dog.

Jeanne Robertson: “Don’t Send a Man to the Grocery Store”

7:50 | You never know what you will get when you send your husband to the grocery store with a short list.

The Red Green Show: “Cadillac Backhoe”

4:30 | A handyman takes an inventive approach in turning an old Cadillac into a backhoe.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!: Chihuahua vs. English Mastiff

0:45 | A surprise ending to what appears to be a fun play date.

Bowser & Blue: “Colorectal Surgeon”

2:30 | Praise to the doctor who goes where no one else will.

Everybody Loves Raymond Uses Active Listening

2:58 | Watch as Ray uses Active Listening skills and Debra doesn’t…


Skeet Shooting… in a Tank

1:00 | A few guys get together and come up with an exciting plan.

“Trunk Monkey” Commercials

5:00 | A compilation of the “Trunk Monkey” car commercials—each car comes complete with a monkey sidekick.


Incredible Gratitude

1:16 | A guy goes to the dentist to get his wisdom teeth pulled, and when his painkillers kick in, he forgets everything about his life… except who Batman is!

Top Soccer Shootout

5:15 | The most hilarious penalty kick shootout you’ll ever see–featuring the Yale Bulldogs, the North Carolina Tar Heels and Scott Sterling’s face.

Gym Stereotypes by Dude Perfect

6:10 | Do you even lift, bruh? Doesn’t matter. These hilariously accurate gym stereotypes are relatable for anyone.

You Poked My Heart

2:00 | The cutest and funniest argument of all time about whether it’s raining or sprinkling outside.

Live Until I Die

2:00 | A mashup of car races, car crashes, rockets and close calls paired with some high-energy music.

Cletus, Take the Reel

2:30 | A parody of the song “Jesus, Take the Wheel.”

Clean Soldiers

1:05 | A group of soldiers display their pristine skills and experience.

Top 3 Hunting Fails

2:14 | Watch a dude get beaten by a deer. Comedy gold.

Greatest Trick Plays in High School Football

4:13 | Here are some of the best trick plays in football… You won’t believe some of them actually worked!

Greatest Trick Plays in Baseball History

6:55 | It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book… Most teams have it in their playbook but seldom use it!