1 volume  |  14 lessons

  • An inspiring group of Godly presenters
  • 14 lesson full of wisdom about living like a man of God

It’s easier to say that we are going to follow God than it is to actually do it—but real men do what’s hard.

This 14-session DVD study program helps men understand how they can reflect who Jesus Christ is in the nitty-gritty of life and their relationships. Follow Jeff Kemp, Keith Walker, Mark Holmen, Robert Amaya, Clair Hoover, T.C. Stallings and Roy Smith as they discuss the importance of relationships with like-minded men and why they are crucial to the development of a Christ-like life.

1 – What Counts!
2 – Love Is More Than Just A Word
3 – It Takes More Than A Thought
4 – 9 Manly Love Skills
5 – Building Relationships
6 – The Weakest Link
7 – Choices…
8 – The Next Challenge
9 – Fatherhood
10 – They Are Watching
11 – Part 1: Everyday Relationships
11 – Part 2: Everyday Relationships
12 – Loving Like God Does

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Lesson 6: The Weakest Link

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