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“Put excellence and consistency before men and they will respond by showing up.” —Steve, Valley Community Baptist Church
“Knights of the 21st Century is revolutionizing the lives of men in our church. The men are noticing, their loved ones are noticing and the community is noticing. The men are changing in ways I never could have predicted.” —Pastor Jim Whiteman
“Attending Knights of the 21st Century has reminded me of my purpose and has affirmed in me the kind of legacy I want to leave behind.” —Josh Enck, Sight & Sound Theatres
“The teacher speaks from his heart, which is the very thing that will help drive the message into the hearts of all that hear it.” —Chaplain Carmouche, Knights group leader
“From a Biblical standpoint, the Knights curriculum is spot-on.” —Pastor Bob Steele
“This program has changed and impacted my life. I saw aspects of my relationships that were just wrong and I am continuing to work on becoming a better man.”
—Jim, Knights participant
“Knights provides men a solid biblical foundation of what true manhood is… It is making a positive and lasting difference in the lives of men.” —Steve Muller, local church tech team leader
“This material has a wonderful way of meeting men where they are at and leading them to Christ.” —Jim, Knights group leader
“I am a better Christ-follower, husband and father because of Knights.” —Matt, Knights participant
“My entire way of thinking has been transformed, and I am becoming the man that I can be proud of and that I want to be.” —Jim, Knights participant

“Now I’ve got brothers… people that care about me.”

“It didn’t matter who I was or where I was from.”

“We are charged with being the men that God wants us to be—no excuses.”

“We’re all men… we all struggle with the same things.”

“There’s more to being that husband or that employee or that dad than just doing that job.”

“It wasn’t really until we started this study that I realized how I should live.”



“In 2014 my husband started attending Knight of the 21st Century… After a few short weeks, I observed and heard a great change in his spirit. His whole demeanor changed. As time went on I saw and heard more changes. He became less self-absorbed and more thoughtful and kind to me. The outbursts became less frequent. The relationships and bonds he has been able to make mean so much to him. He has such enthusiasm for ‘his brothers’ and the meetings—he looks forward to the meetings and encourages others to attend. These changes in my husband have definitely saved our marriage. They have been seen and heard by others who know him and he has testified to his children as well.”

“God has powerfully used the Knights program not only in my husband’s life, by teaching him how to be the man God intends him to be, but also in my life and our children’s lives as well. Our children and I see Bob going to Knights every Tuesday evening. We see the commitment Bob has made to attending the program, and we know he is not only doing it for himself and his personal growth, but for us too… so that he can continue to learn and be held accountable by his brothers to be a man, a real man, and truly love us.”


“Our world is desperate for men of integrity, commitment and courage. Attending Knights of the 21st Century has reminded me of my purpose and has affirmed in me the kind of legacy I want to leave behind.” —Josh Enck, chief creative officer at Sight & Sound Theatres

“Knights of the 21st Century is revolutionizing the lives of men in our church. The men are noticing, their loved-ones are noticing and the community is noticing. The men are changing in ways I never could have predicted.” —Jim Whiteman, spiritual formation pastor at Lives Change By Christ (LCBC) Church

“I first heard about Knights of the 21st Century from my therapist who was helping me through some major marital problems. Looking for any way to salvage my marriage, I went with no major expectations. By the end of the 1st year my life has been changed and my wife and I have a better relationship than ever. I have changed from being a “spandex male” and am well on my way to becoming a knight. My entire way of thinking has been transformed and I am becoming the nan that I can be proud of and that I want to be. This coming year I plan on having my 18-year-old son join me on this journey of becoming a knight.” —Jim Andreadis, former spandex male

“It’s an honor to watch and walk with men as their lives are changed, because I myself am a life changed. Knights of the 21st Century is an outstanding curriculum that finds its base in the truth of the Bible and brings that truth to practical life applications that have been lost and missing to so many men in our culture. During the study men walk side-by-side with other men, reinforcing, helping and calling each other up on the 24-week journey that really embeds the life change. Looking back now, I clearly see I was headed toward destruction but was completely unaware of it. I’m so grateful to be part of Knights of the 21st Century, not only for myself but even more so for the ones I love. I highly recommend it to any man and, as the father of two teenage young ladies, absolutely require it for potential sons-in-law because my daughters deserve men that understand who they were designed to be and how to protect and care for their hearts and the hearts of all women.” —Kenneth W. Good Jr., businessman

“Many thanks to the authors, trainers and leaders of the Knights of the 21st Century program who have done a great job compiling Biblical wisdom and timeless truths into an organized learning program to help us counter so many of today’s cultural challenges. As a result of your efforts, I believe I am truly a better father, family member, business leader and man!” —Rob Marchalonis, local businessman

“The material and teaching from Knights of the 21st Century revolutionizes the way men in America view themselves and live their lives. For too long we have become a society of ‘spandex males’ doing and living for ourselves with little regard for those we love. The Knights of the 21st Century program provides a wonderfully rich and encouraging environment whereby men learn how to live a more full and rewarding life while deepening their faith. Not only are the men who attend changed, they forever impact and change the lives of those they love.” —Tom Jordan, banking executive

“Throughout life we will read and review many manuals. There are 1000s of ‘How To’ books and guides such as Learn How to Be a Plumber, Build a Deck and Learn How to Do Your Own Taxes. Until I attended the LCBC’s Men’s group I had never been exposed to a manual that shares principles on how to be a man. Knights of the 21st Century is the first guide I have experienced that provides key insight on how to be an man, father and husband. This is a must attend. I will be attending again this September.” —Bill Zeamer, local businessman

“This was my first year to attend Knights of the 21st Century and I felt that the curriculum was tremendous. The material was easy to understand and pertinent to a wide range of personalities and age groups. After the presentation we broke into small groups and there were plenty of discussion questions designed for interaction and growth.” —Joel K. Sims, company president

“Knights of the 21st Century is a powerful experience that calls men up, not out, to be fully authentic men, living their lives as God designed them to be lived. It is a divinely timed antidote to the transcendent shallowness of the culture in which we live. Knights of the 21st Century is an experience where relationships are built and brothers are bonded together for such a time as this.” —Bill Mullineaux, businessman

“The Knights of the 21st Century program is something that every man needs—whether they believe it or not. It is the highlight of my week and it has had an indescribable effect on my life and the lives of those who love and know me. It has challenged me to honestly look deep within myself so that I could begin to understand where I am, where I’ve been and where I must go to become the knight that God expects me to be. The program provides all the tools, resources and support you need to become a better man in a non-threatening, positive atmosphere. The teachings use real-world explanations and techniques that just make sense, and I have a much better understanding of why I am the way I am and the courage to continually challenge myself to become the knight that I know my wife, sons, friends and coworkers need me to be.” —Wayne Coty, church hospitality volunteer

“What is a ‘real man’? You can either follow the ways that the world tells us to go—or—you can follow the path that God wants us to follow. That’s a tough one! Men really want to do the right thing, but we have a terrible time deciding what is right. Knights of the 21st Century gives men the armor we need to fight for what is right. As I watch the men gather each week to learn and discuss what will make us men of God, I receive such a blessing knowing that men really desire to be honorable. Do we always get there? Of course not, but the fact that we desire to get better is rewarding in itself. The support I witness and have experienced, as a part of a leadership team, but even more so as a part of a ‘campfire group’, cannot be compared. Men need other men to support, encourage and challenge them consistently. The lessons we have learned on our journey to becoming knights of the 21st century get us one step closer to becoming the men that this world so desperately needs.” —Denny Geib, church leadership team member

“This program has changed me. When I started with it, I did not realize the profound effect it would have on me. I saw aspects of me and my relationships that were plainly just wrong, and through the weeks of the program and the support of the guys involved, I’ve worked to become a better man. My wife and I are separated right now. I don’t know if I will be able to save the marriage, but I do know that I now have the tools and understanding to make it possible.” —Matt Spatola, husband and father

“My life is a lot like my office. It mostly looks good, but there are drawers I don’t want to open due the mess inside I would prefer to ignore. Knights of the 21st Century has opened those drawers in my life and is helping me to clean up the mess. The distorted views of myself and the most important people in my life are being recognized and corrected. I am looking forward to continuing the journey.” —Jim Whiteman, spiritual formation pastor at LCBC Church

“This material is extremely valuable for providing men a solid foundation of what true manhood is about. It has the tools and teaching for men to be called into ‘the heroic man’s journey’ by other men, and makes the material real through interaction in campfire groups and opportunities for reflecting on our week. I have been honored to lead alongside the team that developed Knights of the 21st Century, because it is making a positive and lasting difference in the lives of men.” —Steve Muller, church tech team leader

“One of my greatest passions as a pastor for 30 years has been to find a way to call men up to their God-created potential. I have seen the culture beat them down and stereotype them as buffoons and users of women. Sadly, many men have surrendered to that model. Last year 30 men from the church that I pastor attended Knights of the 21st Century. At last, something has come along that lives up to the hype. The men delved into the core of their being and found ways to redefine and redo manhood. It was challenging but rewarding; demanding but entertaining. My church is being radically changed by a group of men who now recognize their call to lead, love and live well! The most ardent supporters of Knights in my church are the wives of the men who have gone through this life-changing process. These women are seeing the men of their dreams develop right before their eyes. Knights perfectly joins the worlds of theology and psychology, uniting the truth that is found in both realms. I wholeheartedly recommend this material to you. I know you will not be disappointed.” —Stephen J. Sabol, ordained bishop with the Church of God, Cleveland TN, and pastor of River of Life, Lebanon PA

“Last year, I joined LCBC’s Men’s group which consisted of hundreds of men from central Pennsylvania. We met weekly for 12 weeks in the fall and another 12 weeks in the spring. The time spent together became one of the most powerful events of my week and recharged my batteries like nothing else I had ever experienced. There was an incredible energy and excitement as hundreds of men came together sharpening and supporting one another in order to discover how to live their lives as knights of the 21st century in their homes, with their children, and in the workplace.” —Clair Hoover, business leader

“Knights of the 21st Century was my first time participating in something of this nature, and it has been life-changing for me. Not only has my life been changed by Christ and my faith grown stronger but my manhood has changed in that I am becoming a better husband, father, family member and friend. It definitely is a process that prepares a male to be a MAN!” —Scott A. Garber, “A changed forever knight”