Launching your men's ministry with K21

Whether you’re new to men’s ministry or you’re just looking for something fresh, we’re here to help. Click the “launch” button to check out our suggestions for using our DVD programs. And even better, when you purchase any K21 DVD program, you’ll get access to our full leadership page—complete with even more tips, leadership guides, videos and more!


If you’re looking to join up with an existing Knights group in your area, contact us at or 1-800-777-0305 for a list of groups near you.

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The Genesis of Manhood

1 volume  |  6 lessons

5 volumes  |  24 lessons per volume  |  120 lessons total

5 volumes  |  24 lessons per volume  |  120 lessons total

4 volumes  |  12-16 lessons per volume  |  58 lessons total

1 volume  |  14 lessons

1 volume  |  8 lessons

3 volumes  |  25-28 lessons per volume  |  79 lessons total