Pick a DVD program that fits your group. We recommend starting with The Genesis of Manhood (our 6-week introductory program which leads into The Heroic Man’s Journey) or Manhood Journey. Take a look at “The Journey” to learn about the different pathways we suggest and how they can work for you.

We suggest using our DVD programs weekly for men’s church groups, Christian discipleship, evangelistic ministry, prison ministry or rescue missions.

Visit our leadership resources page. When you purchase one of our DVD program, you’ll get access to our full leadership page, as well as free coaching from a K21 team member. Our leadership resources range from video tutorials, promotional posters and videos that will help get your group going to tools for hosting your men’s group and planning your weekly lessons.

After you’ve purchased a K21 DVD program, make sure you register your leadership team. Once we have your the contact info for each person on your leadership team, we can send them access to the Leader Guide videos that correspond with each lesson. These videos will help your group facilitators prepare for each lesson.

During each weekly gathering, open with a 15-minute warm-up that includes humor or games to help create a “manhood environment.” Once everyone feels comfortable and open to new ideas, move on to a live or DVD presentation of the lesson. After the lesson, break into small groups (what we call campfires)—this gives men an opportunity to talk about, internalize and apply each lesson.

Celebrate your group’s manhood accomplishments. At the end of the program, encourage each man to write out and turn in his manhood goals and accomplishments (what we call a Knighthood Plan)—this helps men stay accountable and maintain all the progress they’ve made. Have a graduation ceremony for the men who complete the journey, invite their friends and families, and honor each man by presenting him with a Dog Tag and Certificate to memorialize his manhood accomplishments.


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We do things a little differently at K21. In this video, Dr. Roy Smith, author and founder of K21, explains how our programs are designed to effectively reach men.

Men’s ministry can often be frustrating and difficult… we want to help.