5 volumes  |  24 lessons per volume  |  120 lessons total

**Some leaders may choose to teach this material live. The digital version may be a great money-saving option for you if this is what you decide. We recommend using the videos as a guide until your teacher is very familiar with the material and is able to accurately present it in an engaging way. We provide lesson transcripts and power points to help you be successful.

Year 1: SQUIRE: The Training of the Knight
Year 2: WARRIOR: The Clarity of the Knight
Year 3: ORACLE: The Wisdom of the Knight
Year 4: ROUND TABLE: The Companion of the Knight
Year 5: DEFENDER: The Duties of the Knight

K21 began as a single series—The Heroic Man’s Journey—with the goal of encouraging men to become what God called them to be. The positive approach of this program teaches men to recognize their God-given design and discover their unique potential. It prepares them to succeed within their marital, family, work, church and community environments.

The Heroic Man’s Journey program is making an impact as participation continues to grow!

Many of our DVD programs incorporate a knighthood language that is new to many. We’ve designed our programs in this way because we believe that men are often drawn to metaphors and stories. Metaphors combine thinking with feeling and often lead to a level of understanding that is necessary for personal change. It’s typically easier to remember concepts portrayed in this way, and it teaches men to apply them to real life situations.

Some men naturally appreciate this style of teaching, while others need more time to adjust. We realize that for some individuals, we may overplay a metaphor or choose one that may not meet their personal taste. However, we believe teaching men through this form of instruction helps increase their emotional intelligence—so we are willing to create some discomfort if it leads to a greater good for men.