“Going through Knights, men were crying, breaking down, and changing all over the place. People were noticing the changes in the men, even the toughest gangsters.”

Leon, a former inmate at a prison in Louisiana, went through three years of a Knights (K21) video program while incarcerated. He recently called us to express his gratitude for K21 and inquire about the location of a group he could join now that he is out. The conversation that ensued blew us away.

A former military ranger in Germany, Leon tragically lost his wife and son years ago. Coincidentally, Keith Walker, the main presenter of the K21 program Leon was part of, had also experienced the death of his son and talked freely about his grief throughout the program. This connection helped Leon recognize his pain and courageously enter his own grief process.

“Knights needs to be in every prison,” Leon said. “The way Keith broke it down helped the men understand the concepts. The heart of every man was touched no matter where he was at in life.”

One of Leon’s tasks in prison was to deliver death notices to inmates when a family member passed away. He expressed how the K21 program helped him with this responsibility as it taught him to calmly deliver the news and empathize with the grief of his fellow inmates.

As Leon’s story shows, God is alive and well in the prison system. All glory to God for how He uses this program to transform so many men!