“God, what is man that thou are mindful of him?” (_________). This question was answered by God before time, as we know it, began. God’s answer is clear.  God tells us that we are special; He loves us and is willing to reach out to us in some amazing ways. Relationships are important to God and He desires, despite our regular rejection of him, to be a presence in our life.

          Knights of the 21st Century is a program that teaches a man the uniqueness of his design and can assist him in finding God’s call for his life.  It is an effort to battle the simplistic definition provided to males in this culture.  Being made in God’s image is significant and the world is ready for men to live up to this image.  Using the metaphor of the knight, men are taught the various elements that make up their precious status with God.  Men have been given the potential to attain a noble character, a servant’s quest, and positive relationships.  To achieve this, they need to open up to their complexity, do their homework regarding what God desires of them and create a team of other men to “travel” with.

          The elements that are described in the 24 lessons (Trails) focus on a man’s armor, chain mail, brain that thinks, brain that feels, eight instincts, soul, shadow, spirit, self, genetics, and the four aspects of a man’s mind. These elements, when understood by a man, help him clarify his decisions and responsibly choose the path God intended. Other concepts are described including the 15 manhood principles, the 5 trail markers followed by a man, and the various ways of dealing with the immature boy within us.

          God wants to intervene in all of these areas of our lives and we need to understand these elements in order to more fully access God’s assistance and grace.  The program isn’t a Bible study, although it is built on Biblical truths.  The goal of the program is to help males become men by helping themselves apply elements within them that they have been previously oblivious to.  In this way, God’s power can be put into action, throughout the whole being of a man and who he has been created to be.  The miracle of God’s redemptive plan of salvation can take a man from being a “new creature” to a knight serving the King of Kings, as he reflects God’s love to the world.  We, as knights, need to strengthen our knighthood and join up together in a men’s movement that makes a difference in our hurting culture. Gathering together in programs such as “Iron Sharpens Iron” with groups of like-minded men, as led by the Florida Men of Integrity, is one such way we can support each other on the journey ahead. We look forward to seeing you either on September 24th, 2011, in West Palm/Boynton Beach, Florida or in Ocala Florida on October 22nd 2011. In Matthew 10:24: Christ said, “Do not think I came to bring peace to the earth.  I didn’t come to bring peace. I came to bring a sword.”  As men, we must open our eyes to see what is good in the world and fight the bad that desires to suffocate it. Our families need us to sharpen our swords and go out into the world and make it better.  It is a gathering for men to spend time together for strategic discussion, the strengthening of one another, and for support, which allows each of us to become men of integrity and to follow God’s calling. We invite you to march with us as Knights of the 21st Century.  Hope to see you inFlorida.