5 volumes  |  24 lessons per volume  |  120 lessons total

  • The original K21 DVD program
  • A 5-year study that will keep your group’s momentum going
  • Start with Squire: The Training of the Knight

This DVD study program teaches men to recognize and pursue their God-given design.

The positive approach of this 5-part study series helps men discover their unique potential, and in so doing, prepares and equips them to succeed within their marital, family, work, church and community environments. The metaphor of the knight is the basis for a new manhood vocabulary, calling men to nobility in their thinking and actions, and motivating and challenging them to achieve their potential in every area of their lives.

The Journey:

  • Year 1: SQUIRE: The Training of the Knight
  • Year 2: WARRIOR: The Clarity of the Knight
  • Year 3: ORACLE: The Wisdom of the Knight
  • Year 4: ROUND TABLE: The Companion of the Knight
  • Year 5: DEFENDER: The Duties of the Knight

Some topics covered in Squire (Year 1) include:

  • The differences between a male and a man
  • The biblical definition of manhood
  • 15 Principles of Manhood
  • The dangers of this world and how a man combats them with God’s help
  • Achieving our dreams and goals

1. The Heroic Journey
2. 15 Principles To Live By
3. The Man You Don’t Want To Be
4. 5 Influences You Can’t Ignore
5. Learn To Protect Yourself
6. What Is Worth Dying For?
7. The Dangerous Truth About Men
8. If I Were God
9. Having The Body You Always Wanted
10. Feelings – So Much More Than Feelings
11. Breaking Free From Life’s Ruts
12. 9 Keys For Achieving Your Dreams
13. Crisis Management – King Thinking
14. Why Love Is Better Than Sex
15. Ultimate Fight Club
16. The Loyalty Formula
17. Thinking Inside And Outside The Box
18. What Is In Your Genes?
19. The Quiet Messenger – The Knight’s Soul
20. Commander In Chief
21. Breaking The Boy Habit
22. Influencing The Influencers
23. At The Core Of My Being
24. Beyond Knighthood

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Extended Sample

Squire, Trail 6: What Is Worth Dying For?

This purchase includes:

1 DVD set (12 discs)
24 leader guides (10- to 15-minute video guides that correspond with each lesson)
1 workbook
1 leadership resources CD
1 campfire leadership guide
10 campfire brochures
Access to our leadership resources webpage
Access to free leadership coaching